Kellie Beaddles

Love the pod! I feel great have more energy and has helped my knee. Tara is wonderful, very accommodating and knowledgeable

M. M.

Very nice people w southern hospitality. The Red light therapy is amazing! The Protien drinks and the teas are very good too.

Ta. McBride

I like using the infrared therapy/ Sculpt Pod. It’s been helping with my lymphatic system, swelling, and also rheumatoid arthritis. I’ve seen a reduction in my body fat as well. Try it, continue to eat healthy, and you will see a difference. Tara is wonderful and works with my schedule if I have to make any changes to my appointment.

Jenna M

Highly recommend this tanning salon and nutrition bar. Great customer service and super clean environment. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable about the services provided. I felt relaxed after using the pod, tanning bed, and treating myself to one of their delicious teas!

Samantha H

I love coming to the sculpt pod! I can have a stressful weekend with the kids and a hard day at work but it’s amazing how much better I feel after every visit. It relaxes my muscles and the 15 minutes of peaceful relaxing helps me deal with my anxiety better. I came for the long term wellness benefits because of an autoimmune disorder, I’ve only been a couple of times but can already tell it is helping with the wreckage the medication and disorder have caused. It’s well worth it already and would suggest it to anyone who has a disabling condition, may not be a cure (LOL) but sure helps with pain, stiffness, and swelling. So thankful for all the girls who are always so helpful and caring, this is my favorite place.

Kim Stephenson

The sculpt pod is a game changer for my chronic aches and pains. It feels amazing and I can tell it’s working! Really nice studio, very clean, and terrific service! Love this place!

Laura Phillps

I absolutely love the sculpt pod!!! It has started tightening my skin, and really helps my arthritis and back pain as well. Very clean, and the tanning beds are amazing as well.

Amy Marshburn

Very clean and friendly place. Love the atmosphere and the quality of your business

Robin Perry

love the sculpt pod and best stand up tanning bed I've ever been in!!! Tara is great working around my schedule. very cozy place. highly recommend!!!

Amy Holt

Love this spot. The beds are new and beautiful. Tans are amazing. Best beds around and they are a level 3. Tara is the best. Makes you feel at home love her